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d’Voxx is a live electronic music project courtesy of Paul Borg and Nino Auricchio.  Using only new modular instruments for live performance works, they explore the post-digital landscape working within the constraints of an analogue domain. d’Voxx reject the notion of preservation for a more transitory paradigm. Seeking to explore the space between live performance and recorded artefact, and through their recordings they document the collaborative progress of the artist, and the new modular instrument.

d’Voxx has evolved over the past three years through a series of acclaimed live performances at festivals and expos across Europe, including Music Tech Fest at Funkhaus studios, Berlin, Superbooth_17 and 18, Berlin, and St. Louis, Rome.  In the UK they have performed at the Belgrave Music Hall in Leeds, the We Are Robots festival in London, the Attenborough Centre in Brighton, ‘Bells n Whistles Crackles n Pops’ in Cambridge, The Reading Pop festival, and the London College of Music’s annual electronic music week event, which included the world premiere of a live new modular performance in 3D-Audio.

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